The New Rules to Dating – The Art of Charm Podcast 757

The New Rules to Dating – The Art of Charm Podcast 757

Dating has evolved due to the influence of technology and the way we communicate – but has the evolution been for the good of all, are all these options helping or hindering us, and why is it still just as important to meet face to face instead of trying to connect via text?

What to Listen For
-How do dating apps remove the fun from dating and what can you do to make dating fun again?
-How do you create chemistry with someone you’re interested in?
-What are the three ways you can meet someone you might want to date?
-How do you decide where to meet new people who are more likely to be compatible with you?
-What are you doing to sabotage yourself every time you go out to meet new people?
-How do you become addicted to falling in love and what can you do if you feel you are?
-What is limerence and how does it prevent you from building healthy relationships?
-Texting is effective in 2 primary ways, so what are they and why should you avoid using it for other reasons?
-How can too much texting set you up for failure before meeting up with someone?

The smartphone had a drastic impact on meeting new people and building connections. Texting has become the default form of communication for many, and now you can find new “matches” whenever you have a moment to open an app and glance at some pictures before swiping left or right. But meeting people through apps is just one of three ways you can expand your social circle and improve your dating life, and while texting is convenient, it is still vastly inferior to having a conversation face to face.

This can put many of you in a situation where you’re always searching for that rush of meeting someone new. Unfortunately, when that rush dissipates and you don’t feel invested it can be too easy to simply find a new match, leading to many surface-level interactions instead of genuine long-lasting connections. There’s nothing wrong with surface-level interactions, but if you do want more meaningful connections then it’s important to take the time to get to know people and spend time with them in person.

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