The dark side of the marriage agency and online dating industry in Ukraine

The dark side of the marriage agency and online dating industry in Ukraine

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Ukraine’s “Matchmaker Cupid” reveals how she’s helped unite over 800 foreign men with Ukrainian ladies in marriage and reveals her top 7 TIPs to help the western man avoid the industry scams and be successful at finding love in Ukraine.

Tatiana gets raw and real answering these tough questions that you really need to know before you ever begin your journey:

1. Are you worried you’re being scammed? You’re about to discover a little-know savvy technique so you’ll know if she’s really into you, or she’s a scammer (and it’s worked every time!).

2. Why are you known as “Ukraine’s Matchmaker Cupid”?

3. What’s the secret to your astounding 91% marriage success rate, and 800 marriages over your 16 year career as a private matchmaker?

4. The dark side of the marriage agency industry in Ukraine.

5. What’s your #1 TIP to help the western man be successful meeting and marrying a beautiful Ukrainian women?

6. Pay-per-letter (PPL) scams.

7. Why Ukrainian ladies are afraid of writing letters to foreign men. Proof why letter writing is not the formula for your success.

8. TIP #3. Don’t get caught in the age gap trap.

9. Why Ukraine women prefer to marry an older, but not OLD man.

10. Why we’re so certain that we have serious, marriage-minded ladies.

11. Why is it there are a ton of single, smart, sexy, educated women in Ukraine that really want a good husband, but just can’t find one?

12. TIP #4. Don’t set your sights on a trophy wife, and have realistic expectations.

13. TIP #5. Trust your gut! Only work with a matchmaker you feel genuinely cares about your success and has a verifiable track record of marriage success!

14. About our $500 value complimentary matchmaking services we give you to earn your trust and your business.

15. TIP #6. Get yourself a good, solid education so you can avoid the
industry scams, pitfalls and relationship killers before ever coming to Ukraine in search of love and a good wife.

16. TIP #7. How many trips to Ukraine should you expect before proposing marriage to your Ukrainian beauty (so you don’t scare her off)?

17. What FEARS do Ukrainian women have about marrying a foreign man, and how can you help her overcome her fears?

18. What characteristics of a man do Ukrainian women look for most when searching for a husband?

19. What type of western men tend to be the most successful finding a loving wife in Ukraine? Why?

20. “Love comes easily” happy married couple story.

21. “A husband for my birthday” happy married couple story.

22. About our 800 happy married clients. If you talk about your good luck, you might lose it” is a prevailing superstition in Ukraine.

23. Our little-known savvy technique that you can use to quickly tell if the lady you’re communicating with is really into you, or if she’s a scammer (and it’s worked every single time for us!).

Know how to spot a scammer???

How would you like to know 100% if you’re writing a scammer, or a sincere Ukraine lady? Go to and you’ll discover a savvy trick that has worked for us every single time!!! is founded by foreign men, for foreign men. Now there’s finally someone that’s truly got your back!

At you will discover:

1. a little-known technique that you can use to know with 100% certainty if she’s really into you or you’re about to be scammed. Please help us spread the word as every guy needs to know this best-kept secret!
2. How you can easily spot the plethora of online dating scams and find out what’s REAL and what’s NOT?
3. How to know if she’s really into you.
4. Is there a real opportunity to meet and marry a Ukrainian beauty? After watching our documentaries the answer will become crystal clear to you, that is our promise to you!
5. Our “good agency” contacts list our team has compiled as a result of our exhaustive research project conducted boots on the ground in Ukraine.
…. And much, much more!

For a limited time at you’ll get FREE ACCESS ($97.00 value) to both of our award-nominated investigative journalism documentaries (“Secret Desires of the Ukrainian Beauty” and “Love Me or Love Me Not”) which feature private, uncensored interviews with both victims, foreign men (and yes also Ukrainian women), whom have a agreed to risk public scrutiny to tell their stories and join our cause of exposing the ugly truth in efforts to shut down the litany of scammers and fraudulent marriage agencies once and for all.

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