Start Dating Your Spouse Again

Start Dating Your Spouse Again

When you first get married, dating one another is easy…dinner out, wine nights on the patio, coffee dates in the morning….ALLLLLLLL the time together. It starts out somewhat simple and then, life accelerates. FAST LANE FOREVS.

Careers, kids, sports, volunteering, friends…basically all the things that are happening come before your spouse and if we aren’t careful or intentional, you become strangers in bed, roommates sharing kids. We know that is not how we want our life to be.

We have never once claimed to be experts, to be perfect or to know exactly what we are doing but we knew if we didn’t fix the priority list, our marriage was going to suffer.

We knew if we wanted all the good in life, our marriage had to stay rock solid.

We set up “rules” in order to make sure our “dates” happened.

Today, we share the way that works for us. 3 simple rules we set at the beginning of the month in order to keep our commitment. We also want challenge you.

Check it out and let us know what you think! Send us ideas that have worked for you or share your methods. We love to learn and get better and we are thankful that we have you all in our community.

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