POKEMON DATING SIMULATOR. Pokémon X Wonderlocke Ep. 21

POKEMON DATING SIMULATOR. Pokémon X Wonderlocke Ep. 21

Welcome to the TWENTY FIRST episode of my Pokemon X Wonderlocke! I get to go on a date with Professor Sycamore AKA the love of my life. Not to mention our fateful encounter owo







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Nuzlocke Rules:
-Can only catch the first Pokemon encountered on each Route/Area.
-Anytime a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and much be either released or put in the PC.
-Each Pokemon you catch must be nicknamed.
Wonderlocke Rules:
-In addition to standard Nuzlocke rules, any Pokemon who is caught must be wondertraded away.

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I don’t own any of the music/images/etc. used. All official Pokémon music/artwork/footage are the property of The Pokemon Company, Gamefreak, or 4Kids.

I think that’s all I’m supposed to say here…OKAY BYE!
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