NCT 2018 Dating Game

NCT 2018 Dating Game


hello everyone! welcome to my first NCT dating game series (this one will only include NCT 2018 members, in other words: will not include WAYV exclusive members). i hope you enjoy the video! please keep reading if you want to know the rules/instructions ↴

ps. i’ve rebranded this channel as “kpopdatinggames” since i also have an instagram account that i make dating games on with that username, so i want it to be the same on both my youtube and insta accounts. goodbye “poTAEtoes”, hello “kpopdatinggames” 🙂

– There are 18 rounds total, with 18 different categories
– In each round, a number of pictures will be shown (some rounds have a different number of pictures than others)
– Pick the picture you like the most out of the pictures shown (feel free to pause or re-watch at any time if you need more time to choose)
– The *results will be shown immediately* after each round (each picture will correspond with one of the members of NCT 2018)

* please take note that some categories are more mature (marked M for mature) than others, so if you feel uncomfortable with any of the content at any time, please feel free to skip any category you wish)
1. brother:
2. childhood friend:
3. best friend:
4. neighbor:
5. roommates:
6. crush:
7. crush on you:
8. squad:
9. first date:
10. first kiss:
11. first love:
12. first time (M):
13. friends with benefits (M):
14. ex-boyfriend:
15. boyfriend:
16. husband:
17. father of children:
18. soulmate:

thanks so much for watching!
i really hope you like it!
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have a lovely day everyone 🙂

i do not own any of the pictures or music/audio used in this video. all rights go to their original owners! no copyright infringement intended.

Made Using: iMovie

Songs Used (In Chronological Order):
– Limitless – NCT 127
– Good Thing – NCT

Songs Used in Intro/Outro:
– Rock Angel by Joakim Karud ↴

Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0

Music provided by Audio Library
– Road Trip by Joakim Karud ↴

Music provided by Audio Library

Resources For Pictures (credits go to original owners):
-Google Images
– We Heart It
– Twitter

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