Importance of Dating After Marriage (A New Perspective) | MARRIED FRIENDS

Importance of Dating After Marriage (A New Perspective) | MARRIED FRIENDS

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Hola Friends,

If I ask you, When was the last time you went on a date? What would you say? Is it anything related to what I mentioned below:

– It’s too much of an expense.
– You are totally occupied with work and other social commitments.
– You keep going out for dinner and movies…
– All your free time goes looking after your kids.
– Date nights are for new couples only. They need it.

There will be endless reasons for not doing this. But guys, date night is not just about going for dinner and then movies or not at all about booking some fancy place and spend a lot of money there. It is about spending some “Screen-Free Time”, only with your partner, where you connect with each other. You communicate, bond and develop a friendship in your relationship. Make your date night, the best night of the week.

“Date Night = The Best Night of the Week!”

Date Night is not a Luxury. But a Necessity!

These days everyone is so busy with the work, with parenting, with other social commitments. We get all that. But that doesn’t mean that you start taking your partner for granted. We don’t think that we take them for granted but you answer yourself, “When was the last time you appreciated each other”? When was the last time just the two of you went on a date?”.

By date, we don’t mean that you had a three-course meal in a fancy place. We simply mean that you spent an evening without looking into any screen and just talked about each other – not about your office, not about your kids, not about any household activity. It’s about how you can embrace your relationship, embrace each other. Spend quality time with one another, with no phone, no distraction.

“Date Nights are more important for your relationship than you think”

Date nights are very important for your relationship than you can actually think. It’s an investment in your relationship. You have to keep nurturing your relationship. Your relationship should also grow as you are growing. It should get better and more mature with each passing year. And if you don’t nurture it well, your relationship will start growing in different directions and you won’t even be aware of it.

Know about why Dating is important in a married life in the video.

Be Married Friends Forever!

Love from us!

Jatin + Richa

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