How to have BETTER CONVERSATIONS in ENGLISH | Small Talk in English

How to have BETTER CONVERSATIONS in ENGLISH | Small Talk in English

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Hey there, I’m Pete Smissen, the host of the Aussie English Podcast, and today, I’m going teach you some small talk tips to improve your english speaking skills and teach you to have better conversations in English.

As an English teacher, my students often ask me questions about how to have better English conversations like:
– How can I make small talk in English with strangers?
– What kinds of questions can I ask to have better conversations in English?
– What small talk tips can you give me for when I have English conversations with native English speakers?
– What are your best English conversation tips for making small talk?

Whether it’s small talk with strangers, friends, family, other English learners, or colleagues at work, being able to have a natural and fluent conversation in English that just flows is very important if you want to start having better English conversations.

Today, I talk about how important it is to be INTERESTED and not INTERESTING when having a conversation with someone in English or when trying to make small talk in English with someone.

Let me know in a comment below if you have any tips and tricks for how to have better English conversations and make small talk with people in English!

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