Dating parks in China – parents arrange dates for kids: Life, love family, relationships China 北京

Dating parks in China – parents arrange dates for kids: Life, love family, relationships China 北京

Ann and Felix travel to the outskirts of Beijing 北京 to explore the traditional dating market. There was a huge park with hundreds of parents lining up to find love for their kids. Imagine a flee market, but for L.O.V.E.

This video provides a brief introduction to modern-day life in China, examining an aspect of Chinese family life, love, dating, marriage, arranged marriages, blind dates, relationships, parents-in-law, expectations and the pressure for many young people to settle down and get married according to their parents’ ideas, aspirations and decision.

Dating in China : Relationships with Chinese girlfriend, Chinese boyfriend, friend, partner, lovers

International Women’s Day

This selection of videos examines the realities of life for women living in modern-day China, with a focus on attitudes towards women, opportunities for women, gender equality (gender inequality), the role of women in society, work, careers, dating, marriage and parental expectations (and pressures).

As China becomes increasingly open to the wider world, and more expats locate to cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the number of interracial relationships has increased sharply – But what is dating in China like? In this videos Felix, Ann and the team give insights on dating in China, relationships, Chinese girlfriend, Chinese boyfriend, friend, partner, lovers ❤️

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