13 Lessons You Learn From Dating an Experienced Woman [2019]

13 Lessons You Learn From Dating an Experienced Woman [2019]

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Dating an experienced girl will change you. You will learn. A lot.

What do I mean by “experienced”? I get to that in the video.

But, the point remains that you will learn a lot, because she is, by definition, experienced. She knows a lot.

Therefore her knowledge, her wisdom, her experience – it will be passed to you in many different ways.

What are these lessons you will learn?


Video Details:

00:10 – The two definitions of “experienced”

02:20 – Prepare for some tough fights

03:30 – You’re mind will be BLOWN

05:00 – She’s going to inspire LOTS of jealousy

06:30 – You’re gonna fall HARD

08:30 – I’m not trying to be negative…

09:45 – You will learn the slow surrender

12:00 – You will either break or grow

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Edited by David Mogan:

Stay horny. Stay studly.

Hector Castillo

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