10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

1- We like sleep

Besides being awesome at saving lives, we are also awesome at sleeping! Most people like diamonds, we like sleep. When our eyes are closed, please don’t speak to us or make any noise. It’s important to know that our naps can last anywhere from 10 minutes – 18 hours. So, be patient and let us do our thing.

2- We work weekends and holidays

Date night will probably have to take place during the week, sorry. Our schedules can be crazy and will require us to work some weekends AND holidays. Even though we may not be spending time together on the exact holiday, we’ll definitely still celebrate. On the plus side, working weekends and holidays means we get EXTRA PAY!!!

3- We need time to decompress after work

Our shifts are long and can be very draining but we love the work we do. When we come home just bare with us until we are able to shower, eat, and unwind. Even though you may want a hug right when we get home, you don’t. Between code browns and contact rooms, let us shower and change first.

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